Welcome to Merchants

Fish and chips remains the nation’s favourite hot take-away. It is hardly surprising when you consider that it is an affordable, filling and delicious meal which can be enjoyed by all the family. So if you are looking for quality food served within a friendly atmosphere, you need look no further than The Merchant Fish Bar, Take-away and Restaurant in Bewdley.

The owner, Mr Akathiotis, has been a frier of 46 years standing. The Restaurant won the 1998 Seafish Friers Quality Award, having won it previously in 1996. In 1996 Mr. Akathiotis was one of the first fish friers in the country to qualify for a Friers Quality Award. The Award is a mark of excellence and rewards friers who meet high standards of quality throughout their business.

Mr Akathiotis says, “You have seen us on the television many times, so come and try us out and enjoy a relaxing meal by the water front of the River Severn, we are the BEST!”