Review: French American Cuisine at Denver’s Aix Restaurant

This is my personal review of Aix Restaurant, French American cuisine, in Downtown Denver.

719 E. 17th Ave.
Denver, CO 80203

(303) 831-1296

Tuesday – Saturday: 5 PM – 10 PM
Sunday Brunch: 10 AM – 2 PM
Closed on Monday.

-Top rated for 5 years, and going.
-Reservations accepted.
-Extensive wine list.
-Almost no vegan substitutes and a very limited vegetarian menu.

Kind of pricey, expect to pay $12 for an entree, and about $8 for a glass of wine or another alcoholic drink.

Aix looks like an extremely upscale bistro. Dim lighting makes for an excellent romantic dinner, dark and sleek table tops and bars reflect the little light that there is, creating a beautiful ambiance. Lilies grace tables, and abstract art decorates the walls. It reminds me of a very upscale, yuppie Panera Bread.

The service isn’t terrible, but it isn’t up to par by any means. I was amazed when I went there with a close friend for drinks and a bite to eat, and was completely ignored by all of the staff, as they were too busy accommodating to larger groups of people. If I was them, I’d rather make a fast nickel then a slow dime.

Food & Menu:
Let me start off by saying that if you are looking for a place that as a very appealing menu with a lot of variety, this is not the place. Aix is mostly a wine/cheese bar, and the menu is very limited. However, the food that is there is good.

They have a small variety of upscale, hoity-toity foods. Unique salads with arugula, Pesto and Olives; Cheese platters (Quality cheese, but not a lot of quantity); Lots of different breads with berries and nuts; A few different seafood plates including Slow Roasted Salmon, Escargot and P.E.I Mussels; and a few delectable little sweet platters.

Nothing much here to fill up on, though, and it is quite pricey. The cheese and chocolate/sweet platters are tiny, only a few pieces each.

Specialties and My Favorites:
Their specialties are scarce, as the menu isn’t very extensive, but the Provencal Platter is a popular small plate. Served with Buffalo carpaccio, olives, artichoke pesto, prosciutto, roasted red pepper tapenade and speck, this is a yummy dish though it isn’t very filling.

The seared scallops are another popular special, but again, it’s expensive and not very filling. I tried this, and wasn’t very satisfied. The scallops are served with pureed peas, which to me doesn’t even sound like it’d be good with scallops, and it wasn’t. The only good thing about this dish was the Bacon Vinaigrette. I have never even heard of such a vinaigrette, but it was delicious.

My favorite dish here, though it still isn’t one of my favorite dishes ever, is the Basil and Tomato Risotto. I love risotto, and this dish is served with herbs fin, mascarpone and lemon zest.

Let me finish off by saying that I would rather have a cheap, greasy, delicious and filling hamburger than pay an arm and a leg for 4 pieces of cheese. I am by no means a “yuppie” or someone who is “upscale”. I like my food real, delicious and filling and don’t want it any other way.

I give Aix 3 stars. The atmosphere is good, the wine list is good, but the food and the service is horrible.